November 28, 2013

Star Trek: Attack Wing (OP3) - Klingons, The Sequel

Just a quick follow-up to my post earlier this week after playing in my second OP3 event of the "Dominion War."

With my Klingon fleet not performing as well as I'd hoped I decided to make some modifications for my second event by shuffling captains around to get access to another action. I replaced the 9-skill Martok with the 8-skill one, and swapped Nu'Daq out for Gowron. Not a surprise to anyone who plays Klingons, and also fairly reminiscent of the fleet I used in OP2.

The first game was against our resident Romulan player with two Valdores and two science vessels packing cloaked mines. I was much more careful about my ships flying in formation in this event and was largely able to avoid the mines he dropped on either side of the planet. We fought over the planet but I was again hampered by my dice, although it was much closer.

Martok's barrage of fire damaged Donatra's Valdore down to no shields and one hull, but her return volley punched through his cloak and vaporized him. Gowron and Krell were now outnumbered and I misplayed a maneuver in the last turn of the game. If I'd been able to kill one of the Valdores I might have won this game, but I just couldn't land the last hit I needed so I lost on points. It was a really good game though, very close!

Game two was against some new players, father and son just getting into the game. They were sharing a Federation fleet of Enterprise D w/ Picard and Defiant w/ Sisko. I was helping them with the rules and nuance of selecting various actions over others and when. Their lower manueverability coupled with lack of experience was against them though and I successfully pulled off an 11-die attack on the Enterprise with barrage of fire. They really enjoyed the game despite the defeat and I sent them home with lots of goodies for coming out. I'm hopeful that they'll return for OP4.

The last game was against a two ship Dominion fleet built with a 5th Wing and the Gor Portas. Like in game two I was able to take the planet but didn't use an action to my advantage near the end to actually take control. However, my formation flying, cloaking and high attack netted me a lot of unanswered attacks. I was able to destroy his entire fleet without suffering much damage.

After three rounds our Romulan player was undefeated taking first place with TEN battle points! I was tied for second on battle points, but had far more fleet points under my hat to take second. One of the three Federation players placed third.

I think I'll try out some Federation or Dominion builds in the next event. I've enjoyed playing Klingon ships, but I'm ready for a change. I've still not used my two 5th wings ships, or the Defiant and I'm sure there is a lot of stuff there to explore. I can't wait for the second wave release next week as well because the Dominion and Federation both get some great new ships and cards.

The prizes for OP4 also look excellent. If you haven't seen the spoilers online for the flagship cards and USS Sutherland you owe it to yourself to go have a look!

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