November 19, 2013

Tannhauser custom character: Rasputin

Jeremiah over at Front Toward Enemy has a ton of great content for Tannhauser. If you've ever had any interest in the game itself, check out the extensive video collection he's put together. If you're looking for custom content for the game the most notable creation of theirs is, in my opinion, the excellent Mercenaries team and accompanying mummies put together using the figures from The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus board game. However, I noticed that he used all of the Adventurers figures except for Rasputin! So I set about trying to create some statistics, objects and a scenario.

Thanks to Jeremiah for the help and feedback. Please feel free to give the profile and scenario a try and let me know if you have any feedback. I'll be putting together proper tokens and card images for download as soon as I paint my figure.

Aleksandr Rasputin

Aleksandr is the disgraced son of the Matriarch and her husband Grigory Rasputin. When it was found out that the young man was dabbling in the occult the Matriarch disowned him, removing all of his ranks and privileges. His father did not feel as strongly and occasionally communicates with his son in secret, even going so far as to hire Aleksandr as a ‘specialist’ in operations for the Matriarchy forces.

After being cast out by his mother Aleksandr continued his work with the occult, and it has cost him dearly. Following a particularly dangerous summoning ritual he appeared to have aged twenty years in mere moments! Since then he is frequently ill, which has only increased his lust for knowledge in the dark arts, with the hope that he will some day discover a means to eternal life.

Rasputin is a Matriarchy character who may also be hired as a Mercenary by the Reich or a pure Mercenary squad.


4 - 4 - 7 - 7
4 - 4 - 7 - 6
4 - 4 - 6 - 6
6 - 3 - 3 - 3


Ceremonial Dagger (Weapon, Hand-to-Hand) - Once per turn, when attacked by a Hand-to-Hand weapon or an unarmed attack, Rasputin may make a counter attack without spending a command point.

Commanding Presence (Rank) - Add +4 to your Initiative Roll.

First Aid Kit (Hardware) - As an action discard this token to dial up your health indicator token, or an adjacent character’s health indicator token, by up to two rows.

Mad Prophet (Ability) - Once per turn, if Rasputin has not activated he may re-roll any roll made by any player. The new result must be used and cannot be modified by any game effect or ability.

Turn this token face down when used, then turn it face up during the Refresh Tokens step.

Mauser C95 (Weapon, Pistol)

Power of Suggestion (Special Object, Ability) - Enemy characters must win a mental duel against Rasputin to enter a circle on his path, or attack Rasputin while on his path. If Rasputin wins he may move the enemy character one circle.

Prayer to the Ogdru Jahad (Occult, Ability) - As an action discard this token and roll 5 dice using your mental statistic. Each figure that shares your path must complete a mental duel against that roll. If they fail the duel they suffer one wound.

Weak Constitution (Penalty) - At the end of his activation, if Rasputin has moved a total of 5 or more circles and taken an action, dial his health indicator token down one row. If this would cause him to die, instead he can not take an action during his next activation.

Equipment Packs

Combat Pack: Weak Constitution, Mad Prophet, Ceremonial Dagger
Command Pack: Weak Constitution, Mauser C95, Commanding Presence
Stamina Pack: Weak Constitution, First Aid Kit, Ceremonial Dagger
Bonus Pack: Weak Constitution, Mad Prophet, Prayer to the Ogdru Jahad

Operation: Fallen Son

Competing factions have been courting the Matriarch’s son to use his occult knowledge to their advantage. Unbeknownst to each other, the young Rasputin has arranged to meet them all at the same place and time. Whoever can offer the most gold will gain his loyalty...for now.


Required Materials:

Use the Castle Ksiaz or Tesla Priory map.

This scenario pits the Reich against the Matriarchy. Players may choose their squad from Reich, Matriarchy or Mercenary factions. If playing the Reich or Matriarchy you may not add any mercenaries to your squad. If playing a Mercenary squad you may only field mercenary characters and troopers.
Each squad must bring three characters and two troopers. Each player receives 2 Command Points.

Reinforcements may not be used.

Give each squad a set of gold tokens (one each of 1, 2, and 3 gold). Each character in the squad is given one gold token placed face down on their card. Gold tokens do not occupy an inventory slot.
Characters may only carry one gold token at a time. If a character is killed while carrying their gold, place the token face down on the circle they died in; it may be picked up by a friendly or enemy character. Troopers may not be given or pick up gold tokens.

Rasputin is placed on the center of the West board edge, equal distance from the two squad’s entry points on the North and South board edges. He is equipped with Mauser C95 and Ceremonial Dagger.

A third faction can be added to allow the scenario to be played as a three-player game. In a three-player game, squads only bring 3 characters each and no troopers may be included in any squad. The third player will enter the board on the East side, opposite Rasputin’s starting area.

Finally shuffle all available crate tokes and place them on each empty Action circle and Objective circle.

Special Rules

After initiative is rolled each turn the loser may move Rasputin up to half his movement value if he has not yet joined a squad.

Characters carrying a gold token may pay Rasputin by spending an action while in a circle adjacent to him. Place that character’s gold token face down on Rasputin’s character card.
The first player to pay Rasputin 4 or more gold gains his loyalty and he will join their squad. He may then be activated and given actions by that player.

Victory Conditions

The squad that recruits Rasputin must move him safely off the board through their entry circle. The other squad(s) can win by killing Rasputin, or recruit him through force by killing all of the other figures in his squad.

If no player is able to pay Rasputin at least 4 gold, the squad who eliminates all other opponents without killing Rasputin wins.

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