November 05, 2013

Star Trek: Attack Wing - Romulan 100pt Build For OP2

Tomorrow is another Star Trek: Attack Wing Dominion War Month 2 event at one of the local shops. In OP2 event a few weeks ago I played a pure Klingon build. For this event I wanted to use something different. Here we have a pretty bare-bones 100pt Romulan squad with one out-of-faction upgrade:

- IRW Valdore w/ Toreth, Counter Attack and Tactical Officer
- IRW Khazara w/ Donatra, Attack Pattern Delta and Polarized Hull Plating
- RIS Apnex w/ Mirok and Muon Feedback Wave

The Valdore will always be firing 4 or 5 attack dice (sometime even 6!) and Toreth can convert one normal damage into a critical hit. Her tactical officer will be allowing extra re-rolls when spending a target lock, so the strategy for the Valdore is essentially: cloak, target lock, fire...repeat. I expect this ship to be my opponent's primary target if they want to take out my heaviest hitter.

If I'm in a position where I feel the Valdore is going to come under fire, opting to use Counter Attack can come in handy especially if I can manage to make her the only target in the opposing ship's firing arc. Do they attack anyway and risk the counter attack, or waste their attack completely for fear of taking a hit with a minimum of four attack dice? Tough choice.

Most players are well aware of what Donatra brings to any fleet, boosting other ship's attacks up by +1 when in range 1. It's been suggested that I swap she and Mirok around, but I actually want Mirok on the Apnex so that I can use his low skill to use the Muon Feedback Wave.

With Donatra boosting Mirok's attack, and him repairing his shields after moving within 1 of a friendly, the Apnex moves up from minor annoyance to potential threat. Not a large one, but enough of one that ignoring it could bite you in the ass. There's still the chance that the Apnex will be destroyed in a single volley, but that means my opponent is wasting an attack to remove a ship that might not get to fire anyway with its skill 3 captain. Admittedly the muon feedback wave isn't great in OP2, but the ship and tech choices for Romulans are quite limited if you're looking for variety.

Finally I decided to put Donatra on the Khazara. The Polarized Hull plating protects her a little bit if she takes a critical damage while cloaked. While I do prefer to keep everything faction-pure most of the time, in the case of the talents it doesn't feel as bad to bend the rules a little bit. Perhaps "Attack Pattern Delta" is a little trick she learned from the Federation while fighting together in another battle. However, being able to use it to make up for a bad defence roll seems like a good utility to have.

I'll report back after tomorrow's games and let you know how it goes. Maybe I can pick up a second Ch'tang to add to my Klingon fleet!

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